Being brave can look really different. You’re brave when you run into a burning building when everyone else is running out. (Thank you, firefighters everywhere!)

You’re brave when you put on a weapon and go out into the dark streets to stop people who have stolen, who have broken laws, who have hurt others. (Thank you, police everywhere!)

You’re brave when you decide it’s okay to accept a lower paying job because it makes the world a better place and you’re willing not only to give your time and energy to make that happen, but also willing to endure a less comfortable life. (Thank you, teachers, social workers, public defenders and every employee at a non-profit!)

And while it looks different from the bravery above: you’re brave when you write. Especially when you write your truth. When you write from your hopes and your dream. When you let your secret fears and your hidden pain out from where they’ve been hiding.

It’s brave to try something hard and new. It’s brave to share it with others.

Some people will like what you write. Some people won’t. That’s where being brave comes in.

It takes courage to keep writing. It takes courage to keep sharing.

So take heart, my dear ones. Be brave. In whatever form that might take. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

More later,