Yummy snacks

I believe I've mentioned my awesome sister-in-law before. She's the one who was in the Navy and sailed all over the world, doing good deeds (fighting pirates, helping Iraqis, stuff like that.)

She's out of the Navy now, but her coolness-quotient hasn't eased off. She's part of a new company called NatureBox and it's such a cool concept. They send you a snack box full of healthy snacks every month. It's like a care package but with super healthy yummy stuff that changes monthly. Getting care packages was pretty much the best thing about going to college for me. Don't you agree that it's so much fun getting a big box of goodies in the mail?

They also run a blog with fabulous snack ideas. Take this one:

Apple nachos? Brilliant! Thinly slice apples, toss with lemon juice. Drizzle peanut butter (just nuke it for 20 seconds). Scatter chocolate chips, sliced almond, shredded coconut, whatever floats your taste buds. And ta da, awesomeness. Wouldn't this be a great Superbowl treat? Crunchy, sweet, sour, and healthy! Check out their recipe for lighten-up spinach-artichoke dip. Delicious.

More later,