Happy new year's and some news...

First of all, happy end of 2012 to you all. May the next year bring us peace and happiness, success and lots of time spent with family and friends.

Now that I got that out of the way, are you ready for my news? You sure?

I moved! I don't live in Florida anymore. I live in the Washington DC area.

It was a very dramatic time for the Stein household (hence the long blog-silence) the move involved two trips to the ER (in two different states, no less) three different strains of stomach bug--at least I assume they were different since we all kept getting sick again and again and in slightly different variations of the unmentionably vile and unpleasant ways that stomach bugs manifest themselves. Mountains of boxes, epic amounts of packing paper. And it snowed TWICE the first week we arrived--shivering our thin coats and mesh covered athletic shoes.

It's both exciting and intimidating here in the nation's capitol. We seem to get honked at a lot when we drive (perhaps too much Florida driving has rubbed off on us) but on the other hand, in face-to-face interactions people have been lovely and we've already been to the various (and amazing) Smithsonian museums twice.

Macy's is full of fancy ball gowns because while in the rest of the country the party season is over, here in DC it's just starting with the whole city getting gussied up for the inaugural balls. I'd almost forgotten about that.  (If anyone has an extra ticket they don't know what to do with, I'm totally free that night. I'm just sayin'.)

It's a different world from my warm, tropical, kookie Florida--though I'm sure DC has it's share of kooks.

I'll keep you posted on my various (mis)adventures.

More later and happy new year's!