Back to work

I didn't get the chance to hobnob with Moses or Abraham or any of the other biblical characters strolling to the ground of the Daytona Jewish Heritage festival. I did see a woman in hoop skirts, so maybe some Daughters of the Confederacy sneaked in and took their parking space. But everyone seemed to be having a great time, with plenty of falafel, bagels, and klezmer music to get people in the Jewish mood.

And while Moses was MIA, I did get a chance to meet some very nice people, like KC from the Peach Valley Cafe (they really did have the best Greek Omlettes...thanks for the tip!) and all the other lovely people who stopped by to say hello and buy a copy of Kindred and High Dive. I hope you're all enjoying reading it and thanks for your support!

Now, the shmoozing is over. It's back to work for me and hopefully I'll have something to share with you soon!

More later,