Florida wildlife part 2

In my ever continuing segment of weird/unusual/beautiful/freaky Florida wildlife, I have the following photos:


We are lucky enough to have manatees regularly visit our neck of the woods (errr, waters). It's pretty awesome when you can see an endangered animal on a regular basis. Though often, there's not much to see.

 (That grey rock...it's a manatee.)

And then sometimes, when you least expect it, you see some really crazy wildlife.

 It's a bit hard to tell the size of this fish from the photo, but just the visible part is almost as long as I am tall. And if you're thinking, gulp, that's one giant fish, well my friends, you'd be exactly right. It's goliath. A Goliath Grouper, to be exact, feasting on all the tasty treats a fish could wish for under a pier.

And that's how we roll in Florida. You might see an endangered species in our clear, Gulf waters...or dinner. You never know.

More later,