So long Isaac

I promised pics and reports from the front lines, but Isaac was a well-mannered guest here in Tampa Bay, and other a bit of wind and some rain, really didn't leave much of an impression. I'm certainly hoping he's as polite as he heads up north to New Orleans.

I also promised more photos from Panama and here they are.

I'm standing in front of the white house! The president of Panama lives in a white house just like the president of the United State. As you can see, however, his security is a bit more relaxed. This is the front of his house and the guards lets us peek in and take photos. Somehow, I don't think the Secret Service would do the same.


Molas, the colorful fabric pictures that depict everything from parrots to sea turtles to abstract art, are the number one tourist souvenir to buy in Panama. They're made by the Kuna Indians, traditionally Kuna women would wear these on their blouses,but now they're on everything from eyeglass cases to pot holders to cell phone covers.


And one last photo from our rain forest hike. I could not get over this "camouflage" tree. It looks identical to the old American camo pattern and I can only assume that its designer was hiking in Panama and thought "They'll never be able to see us wearing this!"

More later,