Air Force Memorial

We had a break from the cold weather today and I could swear I smelled a touch of summer in the humid breeze and 70 degree weather (crazy considering my post from 5 days ago...if this is global warming, I'll take it!) So I took a break from all the baking (and eating) and went for a walk. A long one. All the way to here.

(image found here.)

I can catch a glimpse of the majestic Air Force Memorial from around my neighborhood, so today I decided to walk over and see the rest of it. Visiting the Memorial probably doesn't make a lot of top ten lists of things to do in DC, but I highly recommend it. I had the place to myself and those imposing, graceful silver arches are amazing up close. The entire Memorial is lined with dark gray soap stone in stern lines and rectangles, and chiseled on the walls are quote after inspiring quote about Duty, Service, Sacrifice, Honor, Excellence, big ideas we don't often spend much time thinking about.

On this lovely day in Washington, with a warm wind buffeting the flags and the clouds sailing overhead, I was really moved by the beauty and the pain the Memorial evokes.

More later,