15 Views of Tampa Bay...for sale!

You might remember a little project of mine from this summer, my first go at collaborative writing. Fifteen writers from Tampa Bay each wrote an uber short story set somewhere in the Bay Area and linked, in some artistically mysterious way, to the story that came before theirs. I loved it. I thought people wrote all sorts of brilliant fiction and it was a true pleasure and honor to be part of the cohort.

And now my dear friends, Burrow Press has complied those said 15 nuggets of Florida brilliance into a book that one may purchase. And when I say "one" I truly hope that one is you.

It's actually two fabulous books in one, the original 15 Views of Orlando, that started this fantastical voyage, and the second *ahem* improved version featuring the stunning beauty and weirdness of Tampa Bay. Really, how can one resist?*

More later,


*and by one, I mean you.