You still have to wait a bit before you can read it (Dec 1, to be exact), but at least you can now feast your eyes on the cover. Do you like it? Doesn't it look like a hot, muggy summer? (It's supposed to.)

For the first time in my writing life, I actually lived in one place long enough to write about it and Florida wormed its way into the novel like a second protagonist. When you live somewhere that has man-eating sink holes, dog-eating alligators, and cement-eating termites, it's not something that just slinks by unobtrusively. No. It makes itself known. It takes over the plot like an invasive air potato (yeah, we have that too, and they look exactly like innocent potatoes laying on top of the soil, except they're poisonous.)

I can't wait to share Spoils with you (and the free e-novella, Debts, that will come before hand.)

More later,