Congratulations grads (and especially Dan!)

I was in California this weekend for my younger brother's graduations. I can't call him my "little" brother even though he's 7 years my junior because ever since he grew past 6 feet (and me not quite making it to 5 1/2) it comes out as a too ironic. So, "younger" brother it is.

(That's him and his wife, Molly, one of my favorite people in the whole world.)

I haven't spent much time on the Stanford campus, but from everything I saw it's simply delightful, a true playground for intellectual stimulation and big dreams. A lot of big dreams (and visionary dreamers) got their start at Stanford and there's this bit of magic in the air that seems to whisper in your ear: anything is possible. Some places are like that.

So to Dan, and the rest of the graduates coming out of their dream-like studies and into the hard world that doesn't always welcome dreamers, I wish you the strength of your dreams, the faith to stick with them, and a lot of success in your future.

Dreams are tricky little suckers, but they're worth it. Life's flat and gray without 'em.

More later,