Hello dear friends. it's snowing. Again! I've lost count of how many snowfalls we've had this winter, but it's been enough that I've started being a snow connoisseur. There's thin, wispy snow. Dry powdery snow (impossible to make snowballs or snowmen with.) Heavy wet chunky snow (good for building, bad for wet gloves.) There's swirling snow and drifting snow. This had been the first winter where I could clearly see the crystallized fractals that classic snowflakes are supposed to have but which I had never seen (they're just gorgeous!)

The snow falling outside my window right now is the pretty kind, large chunks, softly falling, almost like small downy feathers and it's coating the tress like cotton candy. I could watch it forever.

In the meantime, if you have to go out in this stuff, wear a scarf. I've found that it's the best thing to keep you warm. There's something about a cold breeze on my neck makes me miserable. Which is why I loved this post from Cup of Jo on three ways to tie a scarf, so chic!

(from Cup of Jo)

Stay warm!

More later,