Blast from the past

I loved this piece when it came out in 2005. I was a freshly minted novelist. My alma mater's magazine ran a great profile about me and my first novel. I had yet to suffer through the slings and arrows of a novelist's life. So while I loved the piece, I didn't have the perspective to truly appreciate what a gift it is to have a well-written, accurately quoted article written about you.

It tickled me to get an email from the profile's author, Ellen Barber, who wanted to let me know about her new company, Condensed Light, and that that old profile from NINE years ago is on it as one of her writing samples. That profile was so good, that even so many years after the fact, a client recently read it and promptly went out to buy a copy of Light Years. That's what I call damn fine writing.

So, thanks Ellen for that wonderful piece and best of luck with your company!

More later,