The writing life, unvarnished

When I tell people I'm an author, their eyes usually widen with delight. "Wow," they might say, "that's so exciting!" That's really flattering, but the truth is, while writing books is a lot of things, sadly "exciting" doesn't tend to be one of them.

Which is why I cracked up laughing by this opening paragraph of Liza Mundy's review of Gail Sheehy's new memoir Daring, in the Washington Post.

"For a professional writer, there are few truly good reasons to write a memoir. Most writers lead boring lives, spending swaths of time sitting at their desks or in coffee shops, rifling through notes, gazing about, looking with despair at the sentence or two they have eked out, wondering if it's lunchtime yet, and finding other ways to procrastinate."

O-ho! I have never read a more succinct summary of my day! Bravo, Ms. Mundy, bravo.

You can read the rest of the review here.

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