Do you make new year resolutions?

I'm pretty inconsistent. Some years yes, some no. I haven't really seen a big difference in achievement or self-improvement between the years with resolutions and the ones without. I guess it's because most of my resolutions are more like wishes, you know? In earlier years it was: I wish I was published. In later years: I wish I was more organized. (You'd think that one was a bit more under my control, but really, I can stay neat for a couple of days before all systems go haywire and my office is a mess.)

So this year, no resolutions. Just wishes.

I wish to enjoy moments. I wish not to fret about the future. I wish to spend more time with family and friends (see my first wish.) I wish you guys stay healthy. I wish us all a lot of happiness and success.

Happy 2015!

More later,