Advice to your younger self

Have you ever thought about that? If you could tell your younger self something, send some wisdom back through time, what would you say?

I really like what Jenni Britton Bauer had to say on Food&Wine:

I could say: “Don’t worry so much, you’ll be fine,” but the truth is I do worry, and that’s probably why we are fine. 

I could say: “Keep going and always get up when you fall,” but that’s what I have done—not that it’s been easy.

I could say: “Don’t second-guess yourself,” but then sometimes that has worked out very favorably for us. 

I could say: “Make time for workouts,” but I wouldn’t have followed that advice. 

I could say: “Follow your heart,” but I never did that. I worked my ass off instead. 

Your life is yours, and it’s going to suck sometimes and be great sometimes. It’s going to hurt so bad that you want to turn around and crawl into a hole. It’s going to be so high and wonderful that you will wonder how to keep it there (and you’ll fail at that). You’ll make mistakes, but you won’t ever give up—not because someone gave you that advice, but because it’s way more fun that way. And you’re good at it.

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Good, right? Basically, just live the life you're living. You'll get where you want to be, mistakes and all.

More later,