South Florida Museum

I'll admit, there are some nice perks to being a novelist. Like going to work in your pyjamas. Or having a meeting with your editor, in your pyjamas. And the short morning commute. In your pyjamas.

Okay, yes, I spend much of my days wearing pyjamas. But yesterday I had to put on some real clothes. Because one of the other great perks (aside from wearing PJs all day and reading novels to work on "craft") is doing research. Sometimes, research can be fun.

Like when I drove to the South Florida Museum and the curator of the collection, Ashley Burke, let me in and took me behind the scenes.

This is Ashley.

That's an Indian depiction of a manatee. Or at least that's what some experts say.

A ancient shell drinking cup. The inside has been perfectly smoothed. There are even right-handed drinking cups and left-handed ones.

The collection is an amazing look at Florida flora, fauna, and evolving civilization and the museum in a gorgeous building and overlooks the sparkling waters of Tampa Bay, because that's how we roll here in Florida.  You should see the view from the library.

Thanks Ashley! Thank you South Florida Museum!

More later,