Genius tip

Happy (belated) Earth Day! In the spirit of trying to be "greener" and stepping more lightly on this planet, I'm sharing something a bit random but in it's own small way, truly brilliant. I picked up this little genius tip from

Dry shampoo lets you stretch out time between showers without gross, greasy hair. But it's mostly made from corn starch. The thought of sprinkling corn starch in my hair just didn't excite me. Then, on Zero Waste Home, Bea suggested using unsweetened cocoa powder. I tried it and I'm hooked! Not only does it smell fantastic, it did an amazing job on my hair. I just put a tiny bit in my hands and ran it through my roots. That chocolate smell was a real pick-me-up and my hair was instantly not greasy. Cheap, easy, fantastic!

Bea also uses unsweetened cocoa as eye shadow, bronzer and blush. I have to admit I don't have the right complexion to pull that off, but let me know if it works for you.

More later,