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Stein, Tammar (Author)
Dec 2013. 272 p. Knopf, hardcover, $17.99. (9780375870620). Knopf, library edition, $20.99.
(9780375970627). Knopf, e-book, $9.99. (9780307974310).
What would you do if your family won millions in the lottery when you were a kid and now all that’s left
after their extravagant spending is what’s held in trust for you until your eighteenth birthday—which is
next week? Stein, masterful author of complex teen novels in which ethics and Judaism are essential
components, proves herself once again in this companion to Kindred (2011). Floridian Leni is a bit
younger than Stein’s typical post-high-school protagonists, but she is astute, anguished by her older
sister’s news that the lottery was rigged, and just the right character to lend credibility to her discovery of
evil at the root of the mess surrounding her family and an angel to help her through it. Romance, money,
and mysticism are woven into a satisfying tale.