Wildlife encounters: Part I

This is the first of what is sure to be a many part series about Florida wildlife. If you've read my blog for a while, you know that I have frequent encounters with alligators. I regularly jog next to sunning alligators. I always scan bodies of water for a pair of eyes just above the surface. Only morons swim in fresh bodies of water near twilight. It's just something you accept if you live in Florida.

We have pythons. Last month, a python was found with a 76 pound deer in its belly. We have giant African land snails the size of teacup Chihuahas. And we have spiders. Really big spiders.

This guy, which I expect is going to knock on the door one day and introduce itself, is either a Wolf Spider or a Huntsman Spider, I really can't tell. If the photo doesn't fully do it justice, note the key my brave husband put next to it for scale. This is a MONSTROUSLY large spider. And rather common near these parts.

More later,