Pam Jenoff

I had the distinct pleasure of hearing author Pam Jenoff speak yesturday evening. She's that rare person who on the one hand, floors you with how much she's accomplished in her life, let's see here: Degrees from George Washington, Cambridge (ENGLAND! A total dream of mine), and UPenn. Special assistant to the Secretary of the Army (doesn't that sound so glamerous and important?) She worked for the State Department as a diplomat, has written five novels, and has 3 children UNDER the age of 3! I mean really, is that not the most amazing life you've heard of?

And so just when you're ready to kind of crawl under a rock with shame at how little you (er, me) accomplished, Pam starts to talk and she's just the greatest. She's funny, and down to earth, totally open about the ups and downs of her adventures in life. She's the kind of person you wish you could have over for a cup of coffee and a long talk. She's that great.

I've got her latest book in my hands, and it's as impressive and accessible as she is. (Don't you just love the cover?) Go read!

More later,