Oh my, Olympics!

Don't you just love the Olympics?

It's story-telling at its best. There's action, drama, a whole range of human emotions. Glory. Victory. Defeat. Physical pain. Emotional toughness. It's all spiced by the knowledge that these games only come once every four years, and for most of these amazing athletes these games will be the first and only time they will be in such a glorious, terrifying spotlight.

I can't get enough. Here in the States, we hear a lot about the victors, but there's something so poignant and human about the ones that don't make it to the podium.


This is French rower Julien Bahain, comforted by his girlfriend after his team finished fifth in a semifinal race and failed to advance to the final. There's something so sweet and heartbreaking about this photo. He looks stunned, she looks heartbroken. It reminds you how much these athletes' families and friends have invested in their success.

More later,