Waaaaay down upon the Suwannee Riveeeeer...

So we went to Suwannee River State Park this weekend...

Amazing, right?

Suwannee means black muddy water in the Native American language that was spoken here thousands of years ago. Wonder why they named it that?

You might be wondering why we would choose to camp in August, in Florida, but the lovely people at the Florida state parks have cabins! With air conditioning! Beautiful, right? We were there with good friends and we were all amazed that the state would provide such s nice place (picture a cabin with a screened-in wrap-around porch with plenty of rocking chairs, a fire place, and country-chic decor).

There have been heavy rains in this part, and so while we were there, we got to see an underwater spring literally bubbling up with turbulent (coffee black) water and swirl into the Suwannee. At 72 degrees, pure and clear, straight out of the earth, it made for a very refreshing dip after a long, sweaty hike.

It was an amazing, beautiful weekend, that made me grateful to live in such a lovely state.

More later,