Washington DC: little gems


I've passed the six months mark of living in the DC area, and while I am far from living like a true local, I've stumbled across some wonderful off the beaten path gems that I had to share.

1. Gravelly Point Park. Right in front of regan international airport, lies a spacious grassy park on the banks of the placid Potomac. The astonishing thing about this public park and marina is depending on the wind, planes come in for a landing (or roar after take off) right over the park. I mean right over. I couldn't stop my self from ducking the first couple of times. It will make you catch your breath. Bring a picnic and sit back and enjoy the show.


2. National arboretum. Not to be confused with the popular botanical garden on the Mall, this lovely garden in the middle of nowhere DC is well worth the hassle of getting there. Hundreds of acres of local flora beautifully landscaped. The crown jewel of this garden is the set of massive columns that used to grace congress now stand on top of a hill and hold up the sky.


3. Lunch at the Longworth cafeteria. You will feel like a true insider when you stop to grab a bite to eat at this open to the public cafeteria near the House of Representatives. The food is good, the prices are the lowest you will find on the Mall, and the buzzing energy of staffers, lobbiests, and visitors will pump you up. Guaranteed.

What are some of your favorite local jewels? 

More later,