Cool people

One of the best things about my time in the DC area is that I keep meeting the coolest people with the coolest jobs. I've chatted with diplomats, foreign ex-pats, former Special Forces soldiers, and tons of authors and librarians.

I haven't met Seth Goldman, CEO and founder of Honest T, but he's a local guy and today the Washington Post wrote such a great piece on him, I feel like I know and like him already. You can read it here. He started brewing his tea at home and selling it at the local Whole Foods because he couldn't buy the kind of drink he wanted to drink. He's passionate about the environment and people's health and feels like he can do a lot of improve the world through his business practises.

One of his favorite saying is: People who say it cannot be done should not interupt those who are doing it.

Words to live by!

More later,