Time vortex

I wanted to share with you where an undisclosed amount of my time is going...you won't thank me, these awesome blogs will probably take up a ridiculous share of your time, but I'd like to think that lost time will be well spent learning about finance, budgets and cooking.

In no particular order:

Mr. Money Mustache. I discovered him though a Washington Post article. He's a self-described 30 year-old retiree. No big lottery win, no rich uncle, just extreme (and I mean extreme) frugal-ness that let him and his family live a comfortable life on $25,000 a year which lets them save and invest the extra. I really like this website because he comes from a totally different perspective than most of what we hear and see. Luxury doesn't make your life better. Convenience isn't worth the money we spend on it. And looking at the big picture of self reliance and where you want to be 10 years from now let's you unshackle yourself from that consumer cycle that most of us race in without much thought. His early posts are especially awesome.

Thug Kitchen and Oh She Glows. In an alternate universe, with different friends and a slightly different life journey, I could totally see myself being vegan. As it is, I kind of watch vegan-ism from the sidelines, curious and impressed. (But cheese, dear beloved cheese, I could never leave you.) Thug Kitchen and Oh She Glows both do a great job of not being sanctimonious about their eating choices and instead posting amazing recipes that don't require nutritional yeast or processed soy granules. Be warned, Thug Kitchen uses an extreme (and hilarious) amount of f-bombs. It just makes me giggle.

The Natural Capital. One of the hardest things for me about moving to the DC area was how urban it all seemed. Other than a row of cherry trees, there didn't seem to be much from the natural world. So I was delighted to discover the Natural Capital and find out how very wrong that first impression was. I've learned a lot about what blooms and grows in this climate, and that the natural world exists even in the nation's capital, you just have to learn how to look for it.


More later,